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The Trafford Centre
One Stop Asbestos Consultants Limited were engaged by the Trafford Centre in order to assist in the completion of the Asbestos Register under the C.AR 2006.(As was) Many blue chip retail organisations were surveyed within the development.
Manchester Airport Group
MADL are the property and development arm of Manchester Airport Group, the remit extends across all four airports within the Group comprising of Manchester Airport, East Midlands Airport, Bournemouth Airport and Humberside Airport. One Stop Asbestos Consultants currently advise MADL in asbestos related matters, Policy, and legislation.
Richmond Bolton Developments
Richmond Bolton Developments were in need of the services of One Stop Asbestos Consultants Limited to conduct a Type 3 Survey on a 3 storey, 74 bed roomed building. This was formally used as a home for the elderly, which was due for imminent demolition.
Hitchen Foods
The business required a Site Specific Survey for the preparation of major refurbishment works on a particular sector of the development.
Daines and Hathaway
Engaged One Stop Asbestos Consultants Limited to conduct an Asbestos Product Condition Survey prior to the sale of the building.
Social housing
One stop are experts in Managing, surveying, and assisting in the complex process of achieveing, and retaining full compliance to (CAR 2012) on behalf of RsL,s Almos etc we work extensively with social housing providers references are available on request.


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