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Asbestos Surveys

The key to managing asbestos is to:

  • Identify its location
  • Through laboratory testing identify its type
  • Ascertain its condition
  • Work out how much you have of the material

This can be achieved by carrying out one of the following surveys:

    Management Survey (the old type 2) - In this survey a representative number of samples are taken of any suspect materials and analysed in a laboratory, producing a far more accurate report. While this survey takes longer and is more expensive to produce you only end up managing positive asbestos material and it is invariably a cheaper situation) The management survey  is the most widely used to comply with regulations.

    Major refurbishment / Demoilition survey (the old type 3) - This survey is normally used prior to major refurbishment or demolition and is required to locate all asbestos within a building and therefore a more destructive inspection is carried out. Samples are taken in the same way as for the management survey.

One Stop Asbestos surveyors will carry out the survey best suited to your needs and with the results collate a report to show all the relevant information in a form that complies with the new legislation.


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